Air conditioning maintenance services

Keeping your air conditioning unit well maintained is essential. An abused and neglected air conditioner will never work correctly and may even become a health hazard. Ensuring your unit is subject to a regular period of ongoing maintenance by registered professionals, therefore, is an eminently wise investment.

We are Refcom registered and Fgas certified.

Why maintenance matters

Air conditioning units which are not well maintained can quickly become unreliable. Not only will they be prone to breaking regularly, they may even get to the point of emitting noxious gasses. At best this is an inconvenience, at worst it's an outright health hazard. It's also worth remembering that badly maintained units are almost guaranteed to waste more energy than well maintained ones, making them more expensive to run.

Keeping your air conditioning unit properly cleaned and maintained will make it more effective and more efficient in the long run. This means it will be quicker to provide hot or cold air and use less energy in the process. It will also serve to extend the useful life of the unit.

Making maintenance easy

Hanair Mechanical will take care of every aspect of your air conditioning unit's maintenance, even if the unit wasn't installed by us! That means we'll give the unit a thorough clean and inspection, testing its operation and replacing any parts necessary to keep it working properly.

Depending on certain legislation, you may be legally required to perform annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit. We make this a breeze, however. We'll schedule a date that's convenient for you and remind you several days in advance that we're coming. Whether your air conditioning unit is in a residential or commercial setting, this makes life that much easier.

Once we have fully inspected the unit, we'll give it a clean bill of health.

Contact the specialists

We have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of air conditioning units. Particularly those from Toshiba, Panasonic, Daikin, and Mitsubishi Electric.

To learn more about why maintenance matters, or to book your service date, call us today.